About Us

Our family-owned business, founded in 1907, continued to grow as we expanded our technologies and services to meet the increasing demands of our customers. In 1926 we became pioneers in the manufacturing industry by deep-drawing stainless steel products. Today we are an international company with a global distribution network, known for the quality and performance of our products worldwide. We are market leaders in the foodservice and medical industries.

Our products include steam table pans, chafing dishes, stock pots, mixing bowls, trays, kitchen utensils, sinks, medical small wares, original equipment components, and the Artisan line ranging from aluminum sheet pans to grill kits, to assorted party tubs, trays, bowls, and a host of distinctive items including products with a more unique hand hammered/hand crafted look.

Whether your requirement is cooking, baking, grilling, hosting, or serving, we have a variety of products that will meet your needs and still maintain their stylish look for years to come.

We take great pride in the excellent quality you will receive with each Artisan Metal Works™ product purchased. Our professional customer service department looks forward to serving your needs, whether it's placing an order, or answering a question regarding one of our products.

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